Cost and ownership

How do you charge for a project?

We estimate jobs for clients by a simple formula. We first estimate the base cost of doing the job and getting it done. That includes preproduction costs, hiring assistants, renting equipment, talent, etc. We then charge a Creative Fee, a charge by a creator for his or her efforts to complete a project, which is not based on time alone. Factors may include compensation for trade experience and special capabilities, or for any creative effort, contribution or process required to complete a project. An example would be that the creative fee for underwater photography would cost more than a shoot on land because of the technical skills required to complete the job. The final fees are post production and a licensing fee to use the photos. A standard 10 year licence is included with all completed jobs. Contact us for our standard rate sheets.

Who owns the rights to the photos and video we produce?

Farallon Productions always owns the copyright to all the content we create. You recieve a license to use the content which is included, usually as 10 years, in our standard contract.

Can you share the content with others?

Our contracts rarely allow for third-party usage, and anyone outside of the company listed on the contract will have to obtain a license to use the images.

Can I share the work on social media?

Absolutely! As outlined in our contracts just give credit to @farallonproductions.

Can I share the work with media sites like tv or newspapers for publication?

Yes, our goal is for you to promote the great work your doing so we've included editorial usage with our standard license. We do request credit for the work as ("Photographers name" | Farallon Productions)


How far do you travel?

We have travelled as far as Asia for work. No distance is too great and we love to visit new and exciting locations.

What gear do you use?

Check out our gear page at to see a full listing. Our equipment is top of the line and suited for a lot of different situations. We have underwater housings for surfing and scuba work. We have cinema cameras for film making and professional audio equipment. Big lenses, small lenses and everything else we'd need to create amazing content!

Where are you located?

We're based in San Francisco, Calif. but travel globally for projects.

Can I work for you?

We're always looking for awesome talent to collaborate with on projects. Shoot us over an email with your work and we'll stay in touch.